About Forum UK

Who are we?

Forum UK is a lively network for outstanding women of diverse achievements and interests. It offers unique behind-the-scenes access to special events, cutting-edge seminars, and opportunities for exchanging ideas and experiences with stimulating friends.

The Forum UK network believes in the benefits of collaboration, communication and support and provides the opportunity for women leaders to meet their peers in non-competitive environments where relationships can form and grow, and support is given and received.

Through the influence of individual members, Forum UK seeks to open doors, raise awareness of important issues and create role models for the leaders of the future. Forum UK does not engage in collective lobbying nor does it allows its members to use its database for commercial or personal purposes. Our Blog section, however, now allows members to communicate about issues and projects in which they are personally engaged.

Becoming a member

Membership of Forum UK is by invitation only. Prospective members are nominated by existing members. Invitation for membership is extended to those women who have already achieved success in their chosen fields and who are willing and able to expand our network by supporting women in their leadership role. Because membership is encouraged from diverse areas of expertise we offer an unrivalled breadth of views and experience.

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The Board

Chaired by Liz Nelson, the Membership Committee is crucial to the success of the recruitment of new members who will help to enrich the Forum UK network. The Membership Committee encourages members to nominate prospective candidates who are outstanding in their field, and who through their interests and contacts will enrich Forum. The Committee is particularly interested in women from under-represented sectors. Suggestions are welcome at any time either directly to the Membership Committee - Liz Nelson, Mei Sim Lai, Kay Ellen Consolver, Eileen Glynn, Mary Hatch, Liz Padmore, Susan Vinnicombe, Denise Collis, Sheila Henderson, Neslyn Watson-Druee - or through Liz Winder.